Michael Assaf

Senior Lecturer
02 6584593
Popick 116
Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. Stochastic population dynamics. Large deviation theory. Evolutionary game theory. Statistical physics on networks.

Isaac Balberg

02 6585680
Levin 106
Condensed Matter Physics-semiconductors. Statistical Physics-Percolation.
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Shmuel Balberg

Senior Lecturer
02 6586851
Popick 112
Theoretical astrophysics. Radiation hydrodynamics. Supernovae. Neutron stars.

Nir Bar-Gill

Associate Professor
Quantum information. NV centers in diamond. Quantum technologies. Magnetic sensing.

Rivka Bauminger

Mossbauer effect. Solid State Physics. Biophysics. Medical Physics.

Betzalel Bazak

Senior Lecturer
02 6558013
Popick 115
Few-body systems in ultracold atoms and nuclear physics.