Astrophysics and Relativity

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Shmuel Balberg

Senior Lecturer
02 6586851
Popick 112
Theoretical astrophysics. Radiation hydrodynamics. Supernovae. Neutron stars.
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Avishai Dekel

Full Professor
02 6584100
Ross 215
Cosmology. Formation of galaxies and large-scale structure in the universe.
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Ami Glasner

Associate Professor
02 6584727
Popick 131
Novae. Supernovae Type Ia. Type I X-ray bursts. Convection and mixing in stars. Late stages of stellar evolution.
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Orly Gnat

Senior Lecturer
02 6584215
Popick 114
Theoretical & Numerical Astrophysics. Intergalactic medium. Non-equilibrium processes in astrophysical plasma.