International Students

The Racah Institute of Physics hosts various talented students from around the world. Our international community consists of postdocs by large but also M.Sc and Ph.D students. Most choose to live in Jerusalem which is a diverse city and vibrant jewish cultural center. There are several ways for international students to visit or study at HUJI.

  • M.Sc and Ph.D. Programs. We offer international students the opportunity to enroll in our M.Sc and Ph.D programs. There are no teaching requirements, and financial support is available. For more details see here.
  • Exchange Programs. The Hebrew University has partnerships with many universities around the world which enable short- or long-term exchange of students. In the upcoming  accademic year the following BSc. courses will be taught in English:
    • 77532 - Introduction to Physics Research
    • 77606 - Mechanics of Continua
    • 77609 - Introduction to Elementary Particles
    • 77742 - Advanced Data Analysis
    • 77838 - Medical Physics
    • 77940 - Particle Cosmology
  • In addition, upon the intructors approval, students may take MSc. courses taught in English. For more details see here.
  • Rothberg International School. Students in the Rothberg International School are able to enroll in physics courses. For details contact the RIS.
  • B.Sc. Courses in these programs are given in Hebrew, thus knowledge of the language is necessary for study. Admissions and enrollment are the same as for local students.

For more information visit HUJI International.