Admissions to B.Sc are based on a combination of high-school matriculation grades (Bagrut) and the psychometric exam grade. Exceptional cases may be admitted by other criteria. It is recommended, but not required, to have completed five units of mathematics in high-school. See below on options for those transferring from other institutions.

  • Details of our admissions policy are available here.
  • Details on the registration process are available here.
  • More details and courses and program are available here



Admissions to M.Sc requires a Bachelor degree in physics with an average 85 and above. The Registration process for the studies (including for a teaching position in the department):

  1. Registration to the Hebrew University, at the following link.
  2. Registration on the Faculty's website by creating an account in the registration system at the following link ​​
  3. Submit accompanying material, detailed below, to the following e-mail address ( The title should indicate "registration to the M.Sc. program in Physics":
    • Resume.
    • Courses and grades of your B.Sc. (for students who studied outside the Hebrew University).
    • A page describing a subject in physics that interests you in particular or a research project in which you were involved.
    • Letters of recommendation.

Registration Dates. Registration is open from January 20th and will end on April 30th 2022. Answers will be received by May 31st 2022.