Study Programs

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The Racah Institute of Physics offers study programs at the levels of B.Sc, M.Sc, and Ph.D.

The B.Sc program takes typically 3 years, during which students will acquire a strong and broad background in various aspects of classical and quantum physics, as well a comprehensive set of advanced mathematical tools. A B.Sc degree in Physics at the Racah Institute prepares graduates for successful careers outside academia, or to advanced degrees in physics.

The M.Sc program typically spans 2 years, and aims at developing advanced knowledge and skills in physics and mathematics and at preparing excellent students for a leading professional career or doctoral studies. The students of this program will take advanced courses in modern physics and will carry out forefront research projects in physics. 

The Ph.D program at the Racah Institute provides the ground for outstanding Physics students to devote themselves to cutting edge scientific research at the highest level, in one (or more) of the leading research groups of the Racah Institute. Ph.D graduates of the institute take their place among the nation’s scientific leaders, in both academia and industry.


Contact the school staff

Chairman of the Physics Studies - Prof. Eilon Sherman

Assistant to Chairman of Physics Studies - Tal Ben-Shitrit        

Secretary of Physics Studies - Anna Kotz Finegold, Reception Hours: Sunday-Thursday 08:00-12:00,13:00-15:30

First year advisor - Prof. Eytan Katzav, Reception Hours: By appointment by email

Second year advisor- Prof. Dror Orgad, Reception Hours: By appointment by email

Third year advisor - Prof. Barak Kol, Reception Hours: By appointment by email

MSc advisor - Prof. Eldad Bettelheim, Reception Hours: By appointment by email