Nuclear Hadronic and Few-Body Physics

Betzalel Bazak

Senior Lecturer
02 6558013
Popick 115
Few-body systems in ultracold atoms and nuclear physics.
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Moshe Friedman

Senior Lecturer
02 6584744
Kaplun 19
Nuclear Astrophysics. Experimental Nuclear Physics.
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Amiram Leviatan

Full Professor
02 6585136
Kaplun 206
Nuclear Physics Theory. Algebraic methods and symmetry in dynamical systems.

Evgeny Liverts

Senior Researcher
02 5494006
Ross 29
Atomic Physics. Few body systems. Mathematical Physics.

Michael Paul

02 6584795
Kaplun 16
Nuclear astrophysics. Accelerator mass spectrometry. Neutron radiotherapy.

Guy Ron

Full Professor
02 6585200
Kaplun 18
Atomic physics. Fundamental symmetries.