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Warm congratulations to Dr. Mor Nitzan and Dr. Yonit Hochberg for being awarded the prestigious ERC starting grant

16 January, 2022

ברכות חמות לד"ר יונית הוכברג ממכון רקח לפיסיקה ולד"ר מור ניצן ממכון רקח לפיסיקה, מבית הספר להנדסה ומדעי המחשב והפקולטה לרפואה, על זכיית כל אחת מהן בפרס ה- ERC היוקרתי.
המחקר התיאורטי של ד״ר הוכברג  אשר זכה בפרס עוסק באחת התעלומות הגדולות של היקום: החומר האפל. ד״ר הוכברג מציעה רעיונות חדשים לזהות החלקיקית של החומר האפל, ומפתחת רעיונות פורצי דרך כדי לגלות אותו במעבדה. מחקרה האינטרדיסציפלינרי יושב בחזית בין פיסיקת חלקיקים, חומר מעובה, הנדסת חומרים וחישה קוונטית, וסולל את הדרך לגילוי החומר האפל.

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Congratulations to Dr. Amir Erez for winning the Irwin Oppenheim Award for 2022

19 October, 2021

The Racah Institute congratulates Dr. Amir Erez for winning the Irwin Oppenheim Award for 2022. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to physics by early career scientists who publish in Physical Review E (PRE)

Dr. Erez won the prize for demonstrating the trade-offs associated with feedback-induced criticality in multicellular sensing, through analysis of simple models, which is published in the article entitled ‘Multicellular sensing at a feedback-induced critical point’ in Physical Review E 102, 052411 (2020).

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The Racah institute congratulates Prof. Tsvi Piran for winning the The Marcel Grossmann award.

7 July, 2021
The Racah institute is delighted to announce that Prof. Tsvi Piran has been awarded The Marcel Grossmann prize as part of the 16th Marcel Grossman meeting.
Prof. Piran received the prize for his contributions to Relativistic Astrophysics and in particular to the understanding of gamma-ray bursts, neutron star mergers, gravitational waves and black holes.

Summer undergraduate workshop 2021 open for applications (deadline June 24)

14 June, 2021

The Racah Institute of Physics Welcomes You!

The Racah Institute of Physics is a center for excellence in physics research in Israel. Every summer, we welcome a new group of undergraduates for a 1-week introduction to the areas of physics we study. If you are finishing your 2nd year of undergraduate studies, and are interested in pursuing a MSc and PhD in physics, we want you to come meet current physics faculty and students at HUJI, tour our labs, and hear about life in Jerusalem. 

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"Measuring and controlling electric conductivity through a single atom" by Itai Keren and Prof. Hadar Steinberg

22 July, 2020

Recent work by Itai Keren (a Ph.D student at Prof. Hadar Steinberg's group) along with co-authors provides a method to produce a transistor from a single atom. The article was published in Nature Communications under the title "Quantum Dot Assisted Spectroscopy of Degeneracy Lifted Landau Levels in Graphene” (For the full paper see here) and also presented in Ynet.