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"Measuring and controlling electric conductivity through a single atom" by Itai Keren and Prof. Hadar Steinberg

July 22, 2020

Recent work by Itai Keren (a Ph.D student at Prof. Hadar Steinberg's group) along with co-authors provides a method to produce a transistor from a single atom. The article was published in Nature Communications under the title "Quantum Dot Assisted Spectroscopy of Degeneracy Lifted Landau Levels in Graphene” (For the full paper see here) and also presented in Ynet.

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"Take your Professor to Lunch: Faculty-Students Meetings" are back!

November 4, 2019

After a successful pilot, the Faculty-Students meetings are back!

In an attempt to strengthen the connections between students and professors, last year the Racah Institute launched a pilot “Take your Professor to Lunch: Faculty-Students Meetings”.

In this series of meetings, small groups of undergrad students and professors gathered at the Physics Students Club in a relaxed and informal environment to chat over lunch on scientific and non-scientific subjects. 

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"The mechanism for gamma-ray bursts from space is decoded" - Prof. Tsvi Piran

August 6, 2019

Prof. Tsvi Piran, working with a group of other researchers, decoded the mechanism for gamma-ray bursts following an eruption observed last January. Now, in a paper published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, he describes how a stream of particles moving toward us at close to light speed emits the gamma radiation.

"Multi-filament gas inflows fuelling young star-forming galaxies" Prof. Avishai Dekel.

July 15, 2019

גז קר ולא חם: פריצת דרך בהבנת אופן היווצרות גלקסיות

חוקרים מהאוניברסיטה העברית הצליחו לאשש תצפיתית תיאוריה שמנבאת היווצרות גלקסיות על ידי זרמים של גז קר. פרופ' אבישי דקל, הוגה התיאוריה וחבר בצוות שאישש אותה: "מדובר במהפכה בתחום, המספקת הבנה חדשה לחלוטין של איך נוצרות גלקסיות"