Condensed Matter Physics

Yinon Ashkenazy

Associate Professor
02 6585178
Popick 130
Phase transitions. Plastic deformation. Driven systems. Nanoscale driven systems. Stochastic processes.

Isaac Balberg

02 6585680
Levin 106
Condensed Matter Physics-semiconductors. Statistical Physics-Percolation.

Rivka Bauminger

Mossbauer effect. Solid State Physics. Biophysics. Medical Physics.

Ofer Biham

Full Professor
02 6584363
Danciger B 210
Statistical physics. Computational physics. Biophysics. Complex systems.

Israel Felner

02 6585752
Kaplun 22
High Tc Superconductivity. Magneto-superconducting materials. Magnetism and Mossbauer Studies.
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Snir Gazit

Senior Lecturer
02 6584112
Danciger B 226
Strongly correlated electrons. Quantum criticality. Topological phases. Computational physics.