Rivka Bauminger

Mossbauer effect. Solid State Physics. Biophysics. Medical Physics.

Betzalel Bazak

Senior Lecturer
02 6558013
Popick 115
Few-body systems in ultracold atoms and nuclear physics.
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Rivka Bekenstein

Senior Lecturer
Quantum nanophotonics. Quantum science and information.

Ofer Biham

Full Professor
02 6584363
Danciger B 210
Statistical physics. Computational physics. Biophysics. Complex systems.
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Yaron Bromberg

Senior Lecturer
02 6584614
Danciger B 123
Optics. Quantum optics. Quantum technologies. Light in random media.
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Yoram Burak

Associate Professor
02 6585837
Goodman 2102
Biophysics. Theoretical and computational neuroscience. Soft condensed matter physics.