Quantum Science and Technology

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Research in quantum science and technology is focused on understanding and controlling light-matter interaction and utilizing it to explore new quantum phenomena. Physicists in the field are continuously developing novel optical methods to address, control and measure a wide range of quantum objects, including natural particles like photons and atoms, quasi particles which are quantum superposition of photons and matter, and even artificial atom-like objects such as quantum dots and superconducting circuits. Today we are at the stage where using these quantum objects, we can experimentally realize and study phenomena such as non-local entanglement and teleportation, which up to few decades ago were considered to be thought (Gedanken) experiments. Such experiments elucidate fundamental principles of quantum mechanics in real world settings, opening the door for next-generation technologies like quantum computation, quantum communication and quantum sensing. 

The quantum science and technology team at the Racah Institute covers a rich set of topics. On the experimental side, research activities include quantum information processing and weak measurements with photons, development of single and entangled photon sources, quantum coherence of superconducting circuits, and quantum sensing with NV centers. On the theoretical side, novel theoretical methods to control and probe quantum coherence are being developed and lay the foundations for future quantum technologies.  The team members are also affiliated with the Quantum Information Science center, which fosters close collaborations between its members.


Members of Quantum Science and Technology

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Shlomi Kotler

Senior Lecturer
02 6584592
Danciger B 219
Quantum Physics, Quantum Technologies, Quantum Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS), Superconducting devices, Quantum-limited measurements, Hybrid quantum …
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Ronen Rapaport

Full Professor
02 6586270
Danciger B 122
Condensed matter. Many-body quantum physics in low dimensional electronic systems. Nano-physics and light-matter interactions on the nanoscale.

Erez Zohar

Senior Lecturer
02 6586129
Kaplun 109
Quantum Many Body Physics, Quantum Information, Mathematical Physics, Quantum Field Theory, Lattice Gauge Theories.