Condensed Matter Physics

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Condensed matter physics is concerned with elucidating and exploring properties of many-particle systems that emerge from the interactions between their constituents. It covers an enormous range of phenomena and length scales, all the way from atoms to exotic quantum effects in macroscopic objects. Consequently, it is responsible for much of our basic understanding of the world we experience, while offering avenues for various technological applications.


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The condensed-matter group at the Racah Institute is involved in a broad spectrum of research activities. On the experimental side these span topics such as superconductivity, light-matter interaction, physics on the nano scale, electronic glasses and solid-state devices, using a host of experimental tools from transport measurements to optical techniques and a number of surface probes. In parallel, the group has access to advanced fabrication and characterization facilities at the Nano Research Center.


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The theoretical group studies strongly correlated electronic systems, superconductivity and topological phases of matter using a variety of advanced analytical and numerical techniques. The research is done while keeping in close contact with experimental groups, and involves interfaces with other disciplines such as high-energy physics and computer science.


Members of Condensed Matter Physics

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Dror Orgad

Associate Professor
Advisor for second year B.Sc. students
02 6586980
Danciger B 214
Strongly correlated electronic systems. High-temperature superconductivity.
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Ronen Rapaport

Full Professor
02 6586270
Danciger B 122
Condensed matter. Many-body quantum physics in low dimensional electronic systems. Nano-physics and light-matter interactions on the nanoscale.