The Quantum Information Science Center

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The Quantum Information Science Center of the Hebrew University is one of the strongest centers of the Hebrew University. Founded in 2011, it is led by Prof. Nadav Katz (Physics). The center incorporates 27 research groups, spanning Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry and Philosophy.
The center has generated a thriving culture of collaboration and connectivity within the university, leading to many joint publications. It also supports several international conferences and workshops yearly to coordinate and facilitate international connections. Especially strong are our connections with the quantum center in Ulm/Stuttgart. This includes also a membership in the Alliance for Quantum Innovation, in which we have several funded projects.
The center is also leading the national quantum communications demonstrator (a 7.5 million NIS project), awarded in 2017, with 7 HUJI PIs leading the project along with industry partners. The center is also looking to accelerate quantum technology innovation, spinning off from our PI's work, with several startups already funded. 
Many of the quantum center's members have won prestigious awards and highly competitive grants (such as the ERC grants).
The QISC submitted an ambitious growth program to the PBC (Planning and Budgeting Committee of Israel), and requires significant new experimental and manpower infrastructure to support this. Meanwhile, the center has begun funding a new and advanced electronics workshop infrastructure and hope to be able to join forces with the HUJI nanocenter to provide further state-of-the-art support the experiments.

For more information visit - Quantum Information Science Center