Joint High Energy Physics Seminars: "Magnetically induced quantum criticality in holography"

Tue, 19/04/201610:30-11:30
White Dove Conference Hall at Neve-Shalom
Lecturer: Dr. Umut Gursoy
Affiliation: Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Utrecht University
We investigate quantum phase transitions in
a 2+1 dimensional gauge theory at finite
chemical potential $\chi$ and magnetic field
$B$. The gravity dual is based on 4D
$\mathcal{N}=2$ Fayet-Iliopoulos gauged
supergravity and the solutions we consider--
-that can be constructed analytically---are
extremal, dyonic, asymptotically $AdS_4$
black-banes with a running scalar field. We
discover a line of second order fixed points
at $B=B_c(\chi)$ between the dyonic black-
brane and an extremal ``thermal gas''
solution with a singularity of good-type,
according to Gubser's criteria
\cite{Gubser:2000nd}. The dual field theory
is the ABJM theory \cite{Aharony:2008ug}
with a triple trace deformation and placed at
finite charge and magnetic field. This line of
fixed points may be very useful in studying
the various strongly interacting quantum
critical phenomena such as the ones
proposed to underlie the cuprate
superconductors.I will also discuss the
various similarities with the 2+1D Nambu-
Jona-Lasinio models.
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