Bekenstein Memorial Lectures in Fundamental Physics

A series of annual lectures on topics at the frontier of research in fundamental physics delivered at the Racah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, established in memory of Professor Jacob Bekenstein, discoverer of black hole entropy and faculty at the Racah Institute during 1990-2015.


List of lectures

  • 2021-2 Roger Penrose (University of Oxford) “Black-hole Entropy: its Key Role in the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics”, 10 January 2022, video.
  • 2020-21 Cancelled due to covid-19
  • 2019-20 Robert Wald (University of Chicago) “Black Holes and Thermodynamics,” 20 January 2020, video.
  • 2018-9 Vyacheslav (Slava) Rychkov (IHES and INS, Paris), “Renormalization Group and Conformal Bootstrap: Friends or Foes?” 24 December 2018, video.
  • 2017-8 William Unruh (University of British Columbia) “Black Holes in the Laboratory,” 8 January 2018, video.
  • 2016-7 Viatcheslav (Slava) Mukhanov (LMU Munich),  “The Quantum Universe,” 16 January 2017, video.
  • 2015-6 Andrew Strominger (Harvard University), “Black Hole Information Revisited,” 2 March 2016, video.