Joint High Energy Physics Seminars: "Duality and the Entanglement wedge in ADS/CFT"

Tue, 23/02/201610:30-11:30
White Dove Conference Hall at Neve-Shalom
Lecturer: Dr. Daniel Harlow
Affiliation: Harvard University
Evidence has gradually accumulated that in
AdS/CFT, any spatial subregion of the CFT
has complete quantum information about
some subregion of the bulk
spacetime. Exactly which bulk subregion
this is has been a matter of some debate,
which has focused on the "causal wedge"
and the "entanglement wedge" as the
primary candidates. In this talk I will present
a few theorems which together essentially
resolve this debate in favor of the
entanglement wedge. The argument
combines recent work on quantum
corrections to the Ryu-Takayanagi formula
with the idea that the correspondence can
be interpreted as a quantum error-
correcting code.
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