The Israeli Joint Nuclear Physics Seminars: "The Precision Frontier: Lepton-proton scattering"

Mon, 21/12/201515:00-16:00
Danciger B building, Seminar room
Lecturer: Dr. Jan C. Bernauer Affiliation: MIT Abstract: The nucleon and its structure are the focus of intense study on all energy scales, in both current and upcoming experiments. It is one of the simplest systems in non-perturbative QCD and the accurate description of its properties is a touchstone for theoretical calculations. Recent precision experiments have provided a wealth of information, but have also illuminated two glaring discrepancies: the proton radius puzzle and the form factor ratio divergence. The former, still unsolved, may have opened the door to the discovery of physics beyond the Standard Model, while a solution for the latter seems in reach. In this talk, I will discuss the Mainz high precision form factor measurement and global form factor analysis, which are corner stones of the radius puzzle; the OLYMPUS experiment, which is poised to give the final confirmation of the solution to the ratio problem; the MUSE experiment, which will provide a missing piece for the proton radius puzzle; and the DarkLight experiment, which will search for physics beyond the Standard Model at the intensity frontier. Additional details of the upcoming Israeli Joint Nuclear Physics' Seminars can be found on the following link. ‏האירוע הזה כולל שיחת וידאו ב-Google Hangouts. הצטרף: