"The Israeli Joint Nuclear Physics Seminars: A new state of matter: Dibaryons"

Mon, 24/11/201414:45-15:45
Danciger B building, Seminar room
Lecturer: Dr. M. Bashkanov Affiliation: Physics Institute, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany Abstract: Despite their long painful history dibaryon searches have recently received new interest, in particular by the recognition that there are more complex quark configurations than just the familiar qq and qqq systems. The "hidden color" aspect makes dibaryons a particularly interesting object in QCD. A resonance like structure recently observed in double-pionic fusion to deuteron, at M=2.38 GeV with Γ = 70 MeV and I(Jp)=0(3+) meanwhile proved to be the so called inevitable dibaryon d*(2380). To investigate its structure we have measured its decay branches into the dπ0π0, dπ+π-, ppπ-π0, pnπ0π0 and pn channels. d*(2380) dibaryon is robust enough to survive even in a nuclear surrounding, which may have interesting consequences for nuclear matter under extreme conditions. It has been shown that d* resonance can explain some dilepton yield in heavy-ion collisions (DLS Puzzle). Various theoretical calculations on d* internal structure can be verified by future experiments in MAINZ and JLab. d*(2380) is unique multiquark system where the interplay between six-quark and molecular baryon-baryon components can be actually measured. Further investigations on d* dibaryon SU(3) multiplet companions as well as the mirror partners are expected to be done in near future by COSY, JLab, J-PARC and PANDA facilities. Additional details of the upcoming Israeli Joint Nuclear Physics' Seminars can be found on the following link ‏האירוע הזה כולל שיחת וידאו ב-Google Hangouts. הצטרף: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/mail.huji.ac.il/the-israeli?hceid...