"The Israeli Joint Nuclear Physics Seminars: The Curious Case of Tantalum 180"

Mon, 04/05/201516:30-17:30
Shenkar Physics building, room #105, Tel Aviv University
Lecturer: Prof. Naftali Auerbach Affiliation: Tel Aviv University Abstract: The Ta 180m nucleus is the rarest naturally occurring isotope. It exists in an isomeric state with half-life time of 1.2 10**15 years, at an excitation energy of 77 keV and spin J=9- We study the possibility that when irradiated by gamma rays or subjected to Coulomb excitation its decay can be accelerated by the existence of a doorway. We describe the mechanism of such a decay similar to the chaos-assisted tunneling. Additional details of the upcoming Israeli Joint Nuclear Physics' Seminars can be found on the following link. ‏האירוע הזה כולל שיחת וידאו ב-Google Hangouts. הצטרף: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/mail.huji.ac.il/the-israeli?hceid...