High Energy Theory Group Seminar: "Hologram of a pure state black hole"

Wed, 09/12/201512:00-13:00
Kaplun building, Room No. 200
Lecturer: Dr. Shubho Roy
Affiliation: Racah Institute of Physics,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
We extend the HKLL holographic smearing
function method to reconstruct (quasi)local
AdS bulk scalar observables in the
background of a large AdS black hole
formed by null shell collapse (a "pure state"
black hole), from the dual CFT which is
undergoing a sudden quench. In particular,
we probe the near horizon and sub-horizon
bulk locality. First we construct local bulk
operators from the CFT in the leading
semiclassical limit, N→∞. Then we look at
effects due to the finiteness of N, where we
propose a suitable coarse-graining
prescription involving early and late time
cut-offs to define semiclassical bulk
observables which are approximately local;
their departure from locality being non-
perturbatively small in N. Our results have
important implications on the black hole
information problem.