High Energy Theory Group Seminar: "Expect the Unexpected"

Wed, 06/01/201613:30-14:30
Kaplun building, Room No. 200
Lecturer: Dr. Eric Kuflik
Affiliation: Cornell University
In the absence of evidence for new physics at the
LHC, it is important to think beyond the standard
scenarios of natural theories and the signatures
they predict. I will motivate two non-standard
theories that may address the naturalness
problem: supersymmetric models with R-parity
violation and models of neutral naturalness.
Both scenarios predict non-standard LHC
signatures in the form of displaced decays.
We derive the first limits on classes of non-
standard supersymmetric models with long-lived
lightest superpartners, as well as the first
constraints on a displaced Higgs boson with a
lifetime less than 10 cm. After obtaining the
results from LHC Run 1, we propose search
strategies and present projections for LHC Run 2.