"High Energy Theory Group Seminar: Bimetric gravity and phenomenology of dark matter"

Wed, 26/11/201411:30-12:30
Kaplun buildlding, Room No. 200
Lecturer: Prof. Luc Blanchet
Affiliation: Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
Dark matter in cosmology is described by
particles, the so-called WIMPs, within the
concordance cosmological model Lambda-
CDM, which has been brillantly confirmed
by the PLANCK satellite. This model has
many successes at cosmological scales
and notably for fitting the cosmic
microwave background (CMB). However, it
has long been disappointing that Lambda-
CDM meets severe challenges when
compared to observations at galactic
scales, where it seems fundamentally
incompatible with the phenomenology of
MOND (MOdified Newtonian Dynamics).
With Lambda-CDM one can only take
notice of that phenomenology, and
suppose that it emerges from some
unknown (physical or astrophysical)
mechanism taking place in the interaction
between dark matter and baryons. In this
seminar we shall: (i) review the
phenomenology of dark matter at galactic
scales, (ii) review the relativistic modified
gravity theories which have been proposed
for MOND, (iii) propose a new model based
on a bimetric extension of general relativity
and which can be seen as a compromise
between modified gravity and dark matter.
Additional details of the upcoming High Energys'
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