High Energy Seminar:"MicroBooNE's new results from the deep-learning-based 2-body CCQE search for an electron neutrino excess"

Thu, 06/01/202214:00-15:00
Lecturer: Ran Itay (SLAC, Stanford University)
The MicroBooNE detector is a liquid argon time projection chamber
(LArTPC) located on-axis in the Booster Neutrino Beam (BNB) at Fermi
National Laboratory. One of the primary goals of the experiment is to
investigate the excess over background expectations of
electromagnetic-like events observed by MiniBooNE at low energies. In
this talk, I will present the latest results from MicroBooNe's four
analyses, with a focus on the 2-body CCQE search, which utilizes deep
learning and traditional techniques.