High Energy Physics Seminar: "Quantum codes, conformal field theories, and holography."

Thu, 23/12/202114:00-15:30
Lecturer: Anatoly Dymarsky (University of Kentucky, Lexington)
I will review recently introduced connection between quantum codes and a family of Narain CFTs, which we call "code theories." Connection to codes provides a simple way to solve modular bootstrap constraints, making an explicit connection with the conformal bootstrap program. From the holographic point of view, code CFTs form an ensemble which provides a simplified model for the recently introduced duality between ensembles of boundary theories and quantum gravity in the bulk. In the talk I will first describe the mapping between quantum codes and Narain theories, and discuss how codes can be helpful for bootstrap, in particular the task of finding optimal CFTs which maximize the spectral gap. In the second part of the talk I will discuss the ensemble of code theories and several lessons they teach us about the ensemble of all Narain theories and its holographic description.