High Energy Astrophysics Seminars:"Universal properties of maximum-mass neutron stars"

Thu, 10/11/202213:00-14:00
Lecturer: Dima Ofegneim from the Hebrew University.
Neutron stars are known to be composed of extremely dense matter exceeding the density of atomic
nuclei for several times. Equation of state of this matter is still unknown in spite of a large number of
available theoretical models and the outstanding observational progress of the last few years. However,
some properties of neutron stars are almost insensitive to the equation of state model. Such
universalities are handful for studies of neutron stars. In the presented work, the existence of a tight
correlation between the mass, radius, central density, and pressure of maximum-mass neutron stars
modeled using diverse baryonic equations of state is demonstrated. A possible explanation for these
correlations is provided. Simple analytic forms of such correlations are suggested and compared with
observational constraints on the maximum mass of neutron stars and their radii. This gives a valuable
tool to constrain maximum pressure and density that could be reached in stable neutron stars, assuming
their equation of state is baryonic. Possible extensions and connections to other works are discussed.