Special Nonlinear Physics Seminar: "New Bridges between Soft and Quantum Matter"

Tue, 23/11/202112:00-13:30
Danciger B Building, Seminar room
Lecturer:  Prof. Tsvi Tlusty from  UNIST, South Korea

In this talk, we will discuss recently discovered collective phenomena in nonequilibrium soft

matter systems and their links to basic notions of quantum matter—particularly quasiparticles,

flat bands, and exotic topology.

First, we will examine a classical system of hydrodynamically interacting particles in two

dimensions. In the disordered phase of this matter, measurements show a population of long-

lived particle pairs. Analysis of the ordered crystalline phase identifies the pairs as effective

quasiparticles, emerging at the Dirac cones of the spectrum and inducing the melting of the

crystal. When the intrinsic threefold symmetry of the hydrodynamic interaction matches that of

the crystal, the cones connect into a nearly-flat band of slow excitations whose divergent density

drives a much sharper melting transition.

In the second part of the talk, we will discuss how adding elastic interactions among the

hydrodynamically coupled particles gives rise to non-Hermitian topological phenomena. The

interplay of hydrodynamics and elasticity splits the Dirac cones into bulk Fermi arcs, pairing

exceptional points with opposite half-integer topological charges. The bulk Fermi arc is a generic

hallmark of the system exhibited in all lattice and flow symmetries.

Altogether, these findings demonstrate the usefulness of concepts from quantum matter theory in

understanding many-body physics in classical dissipative settings—nonequilibrium phase

transitions and exceptional topology. Moreover, analogs of collective phenomena in quantum

systems are observed in a broad class of ordinary soft matter, suggesting dissipative systems as

accessible playgrounds to investigate these phenomena and opening avenues for technological

applications in this regime.

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