The Quantum Center - Additional Weekly Seminar

Sun, 27/03/202212:00-13:00
Danziger B, Jerusalem, Israel

The Quantum Center - Weekly Seminar

Sunday, March 27, at 12:00 

Danciger B building – Seminars Room

Refreshments will be served at 11:45  

“Quantum LIDAR Utilizing Photon-Number Detection”

Speaker: Dr. Lior Cohen


"Photon-number-resolving detectors (PNRDs), detectors that are sensitive to single photons but can also resolve the number of photons, have been developed in the last few decades. Nowadays, high performance PNRDs are available commercially, enabling implementations of quantum applications."

In this talk, I will show how photon-number detection can be exploited to demonstrate quantum enhancement for rangefinders and LIDARs. I will present experimental results of a PNRD-based rangefinder and LIDAR. Then, the improvement over classical devices and the way to optimize it will be discussed.

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 Quantum Information Science Center