The Quantum Center – Weekly Seminar

Tue, 07/06/202212:00-13:00
Tue, 07/06/202212:00-13:00
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Danziger B - Seminars Room
Mr. Ohad Lib
'High-dimensional quantum information processing with structured entangled photons'
Quantum technologies hold great promise for revolutionizing photonic applications such as cryptography and computing. A promising direction is to utilize high-dimensional entanglement to obtain higher information capacity, stronger resilience to noise and improved computational resources. In this respect, the spatial degree of freedom is a leading candidate due to the ability to create, control and interfere large number of spatial modes using computer-controlled spatial light modulators (SLMs).
In this talk, I will briefly review the benefits of spatially entangled photons in high dimensions and describe how can they be created.
I will then discuss our recent experimental works on applying random (scattering induced) and controlled (via multi-plane light conversion) transformations on such entangled pairs, as well as potential applications such as entanglement certification in random bases and the generation of high-dimensional cluster states.