Nonlinear Physics Seminar:"Sinister Self-Assembly - Colloidal Architecture Using DNA Origami "

Wed, 01/01/202012:00-13:30
Danciger B building, Seminar room
Lecturer: Matan Ben Zion from the ESPCI in Paris
Self-assembly and self-organization are two big challenges in natural sciences. What are the rules governing the emergence of greater structures from unassuming individuals? Does statistical mechanics restrict their complexity? How large can they be? In my talk I will focus on our experimental strategy for the programable three-dimensional self assembly of colloids into higher structures. The strategy allows highly specific steric control including particle positioning, dihedral angles, and cluster chirality. Although stereochemistry was a central focus of the molecular sciences since Pasteur, its province has been restricted to the nanometric scale. I will point milestones in a pathway that link structural information from the nanometric scale to a micron-size arrangement, at the interplay of thermodynamics, elasticity, and love.