Nonlinear Physics seminar: "The Behavior of Competitive Ecosystems"

Wed, 30/11/202216:00-17:30
Lecturer:  Nava Leibovich, University of Toronto
In a recently published article [1], we examine the multi-species competitive
ecosystems under demographic noise. Using simulations and analytical arguments,
we define and investigate various behavioral phases of the stationary abundance
distribution. Notably, these regimes exhibit different behaviors of extinction and
invasion, the dynamics we quantify. We present a rich phase space for stationary
behaviors in a competitive ecosystem. These results provide a framework for
interpreting the discrepancies of abundances in ecological data of populations and
inferring the underlying dynamics that shape the communities of interacting species.

[1] N Leibovich, J Rothschild, S Goyal, A Zilman. "Phenomenology and dynamics of
competitive ecosystems beyond the niche-neutral regimes." (2022).