Nir Bar-Gill

Thu, 02/12/202112:00-13:00
Diamond quantum technologies:
Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) centers in diamond have emerged over the past few years as well-controlled quantum systems, with promising applications ranging from quantum information science to magnetic sensing. In this talk, I will first briefly introduce the NV center system, as well as the experimental methods used for measuring NVs and controlling their quantum spin dynamics.
I will then describe two applications of the NV platform for quantum technologies: magnetic microscopy and hyperpolarization.
First, I will present our diamond magnetic microscope, enabling high-sensitivity and high-resolution magnetic sensing. I will demonstrate the capabilities of this system through experiments in which we: (i) characterize magnetization re-orientation in thin magnetic layers due to the adsorption of chiral molecules (in collaboration with Yossi Paltiel’s group); (ii) measure the magnetization of vdW magnets (Fe5GeTe2) as a function of temperature across the phase transition (in collaboration with Hadar Steinberg’s group); (iii) develop a novel technique to characterize radical concentrations through their effect on the NVs (in collaboration with Uri Banin’s group).
Second, if time permits, I will describe the potential of using the NVs for hyperpolarization of nuclear spin ensembles, e.g. for enhancing MRI contrast. In this context I will introduce the standard schemes for hyperpolarization, and present new sequences we developed to address some of the limitations of existing approaches, namely in the context of low field operation and many-body interactions of dense NV ensembles.