HE Astrophysics seminar | Yossef Zenati (Johns Hopkins University)

Thu, 08/07/202113:00-14:00
Title: Nucleosynthesis in the debris wind of compact objects mergers

Abstract: Most of the r-process elements in the Universe are produced by rapid neutron capture (r-process) in neutron-star mergers, which is expected theoretically and is supported by multimessenger observations of gravitational-wave events. In order to understand the radioactively-powered signal, it is necessary to simulate the outflows and their nucleosynthesis from the post-merger disk. Simulating the disk and predicting the composition of the outflows requires general relativistic magnetohydrodynamical (GRMHD) simulations that include a realistic, finite-temperature equation of state (EOS), and self-consistently calculating the impact of neutrinos. Besides, whole weak interaction and neutrino heating/cooling rates affect the ye-fraction, required in order to calculate the final elements where the r-process takes place using SkyNet code. 
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