Astrolunch: Kenta Hotokezaka (University of Tokyo)

Tue, 02/11/202112:30-13:30
Title: Roles of radioactivity in kilonova 

Abstract: A kilonova associated with the first binary neutron star merger, GW170817,
has been extensively studied. The observed light curve is consistent with the expectation that radioactivity of neutron-rich nuclei is the energy source. However, the observed spectra
are surprisingly blue with a few strong absorption features including the ones due to Sr II.
It is difficult to explain these observed features with the standard kilonova model with the solar
r-process abundances. Here I show that the fast electrons produced by beta decay affect the ionization states and cause a deviation from local thermodynamic equilibrium (LTE).
I will discuss the implications of this non-LTE effect on the observed spectra. I will also talk about the kilonova nebular emission and the detectability of emission lines by JWST.
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Topic: HUJI astro-lunch:Kenta Hotokezaka: 02/11/2021
Date: Nov 2, 2021 12:02 PM Jerusalem

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