Astrolunch: Joe Burchett

Wed, 18/05/202218:00-19:00

Title: Galaxy Quenching and Intergalactic/Circumgalactic/Interstellar Reservoirs in the Cosmic Web

Abstract: Forming new generations of stars in galaxies critically depends on both feeding and feedback processes that fuel and regulate their gas supply.  The circumgalactic medium (CGM) serves as both a gas reservoir and mediator of all interactions between galaxies and their environments.  Not only do matter and energy transport in or out of a galaxy occur in the CGM, but larger scale effects such as ram-pressure or tidal stripping in groups and clusters must first impact the CGM.  Using a large sample of archival data from the radio regime to the ultraviolet, I will demonstrate a progressive depletion of cold gas reservoirs and suppression of star formation both as a function of group/cluster mass and projected group-/clustocentric radius.  These results indicate a scenario where, compared to field values where galaxies have an HI covering fraction of near unity, the CGM is increasingly devoid of even low-column density HI on group scales (M200 ~ 10^13 Msun) through cluster scales.  This is accompanied by both a steadily declining specific star formation rate and HI 21cm gas-to-stellar mass ratio.  These effects appear to have begun prior to galaxies reaching the group/cluster virial radius, as environmental effects on the gas supply have already set in, and then intensify towards the group/cluster center.  Also, with a little help from slime mold, I will present our novel Cosmic Web reconstruction  framework and show how we are beginning to reveal how galaxies, their  CGM, and the IGM are intimately connected to the Cosmic Web and evolve within an ecosystem context.  Lastly, I will also introduce CosmoVis, a web-based 3D interactive visualization and  analysis tool for cosmological hydrodynamical simulations, that is an interdisciplinary effort from astronomers, data visualization and graphics experts, and software engineers
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