Astrolunch: Itai Linial

Tue, 12/07/202212:30-13:30
Title: Explosive transients and dynamical processes in galactic nuclei

Abstract: The talk will cover the two main themes of my PhD research - explosive transients and dynamical processes occurring in galactic nuclei.
During the first part of my talk I will review a few projects related to the early light associated with stellar explosions. I will address our results regarding the emergence of an aspherical, radiation-dominated shock wave from a stellar surface and discuss the astrophysical implications of this process. I will briefly review the phenomenon of pre-supernova eruptions, and discuss a limit we obtained regarding the minimal energy scale below which no mass can be ejected from the star through shock acceleration.
In the second part of my talk I will discuss processes of stellar destruction taking place in galactic nuclei, occurring when stars dangerously interact with a supermassive black hole. I will conclude by discussing our recent results regarding the steady state distribution of stellar orbits in nuclear star clusters.