Astrolunch: Han Aung

Tue, 14/06/202212:30-13:30
Ross seminar room and also on Zoom
Speaker: Han Aung (Hebrew University)
Title: The Outer Boundary of the Dark Matter and Gaseous Halos

Recent advances in simulations and observations of galaxy clusters suggest that there exists a physical outer boundary of massive dark matter haloes. Previous studies showed that a distinct feature in the outer halo, the splashback radius can be measured in position space using a sharp drop in the density profile. Using N-body simulations, we model the distribution of the kinematically distinct infalling and orbiting populations of galaxies, and show that the two coexists spatially all the way to edge radius, which extends past the splashback radius. Using hydrodynamical cosmological simulations, we investigate the location of accretion shock radius, the boundary of gaseous halo, in relation to the boundary of DM halo. Finally, we show how we can measure the boundary of the phase space of the halo by classifying different types of galaxies in the observation using empirical models and machine learning techniques for application to cosmology and galaxy evolution.

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Meeting ID: 830 7299 8638
Passcode: w31c0m3