Astrolunch: Guangxing Li

Tue, 22/11/202212:30-13:30

Speaker: Guangxing Li (Yunnan University)

Title: Interstellar gas as a dynamically evolving system

Abstract: The physics controlling the evolution of interstellar gas is among the most complex processes studied by scientists to date. However, due to the limitation of the human lifespan, one can only observe a fixed snapshot. A combination of theoretical modeling, data processing, visualization, and imagination is thus necessary. I will present:
  1. How recent astrometry measurements from the Gaia satellite have revealed the dynamical evolution of the local interstellar medium.
  2. How modern computational techniques can help to understand gravitational collapse.
  3. Planets don’t form isolation.
  4. Astronomical images are never static.


Meeting ID: 869 9126 6018
Passcode: 537391