Astrolunch: Emanuele Daddi

Tue, 25/01/202212:30-13:30
Title: Cold gas and galaxy evolution in massive groups/clusters at high redshifts
Abstract: According to theory expectations, massive halos at high redshifts should be efficiently fed with cold gas streams from the cosmic web, and display intense activity as a result. Still, after decades of simulation work on these processes, not much has been obtained from observations in support of this theory, as directly observing accretion is very difficult. In my talk I will describe ongoing efforts to systematically characterise the presence and nature of cold gas shining in Lya around massive structures at high redshifts, based on KCWI follow-up of known structures.  Our best studied case, RO-1001 at z=2.91, reveals a filamentary structure highly suggestive of accreting gas. Based on our current sample of 9 targets, we investigate trends between hosting DM halo mass, integrated SFRs, AGN bolometric activity and redshift, as a function of Lya luminosity and predicted properties, trying to unveil possible patterns pointing to accretion. 
We also concentrated on galaxy properties in these fields, seeking signatures that could relate to accretion. I will discuss the present evidence in the framework of current understanding of gas accreetion, outflows, feedback and growth of structures with their galaxy content.
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Meeting ID: 830 7299 8638
Passcode: w31c0m3