Astrolunch: Doron Kushnir (Weizmann)

Sun, 28/06/2020 - 12:30 to 13:30

Title: An accurate and efficient numerical calculation of detonation waves in supernovae simulations reveals that sub-Chandra models are in tension with observations
Abstract: Differentiating between models for thermonuclear supernovae requires multidimensional full-star simulations with an accuracy of ~10%. However, resolving the small length scale of thermonuclear detonation waves (TNDW) is currently not possible in these simulations. Additionally, multidimensional simulations usually use small, over-simplistic reaction networks. The errors due to the applied approximations are not well understood. I will present a new accurate and efficient numerical scheme that accelerates the calculations by orders of magnitudes and allows the structure of TNDW to be resolved. The scheme can be easily implemented in multidimensional codes, reaching a percent level accuracy with resolutions that are typical for full-star simulations.
Using the new scheme to simulate sub-Chandra models, I will show that these models are in tension with observations of luminous type Ia supernovae.