Astrolunch: Daniel Anglés-Alcázar

Tue, 20/10/2020 - 15:00 to 16:00

Title: Multi-scale cosmological simulations of massive black hole growth and feedback
Abstract: Supermassive black holes play a key role in galaxy evolution and large-scale structure but the physical processes driving black hole growth and feedback into the surrounding medium remain a major uncertainty in current models.  In this talk, I will present recent progress in understanding the nature of black hole-galaxy co-evolution by means of (1) the SIMBA large volume cosmological hydrodynamic simulations, (2) FIRE cosmological zoom-in simulations of individual galaxies with resolved multi-phase interstellar medium, and (3) new hyper-refinement simulations that for the first time resolve explicitly the transport of gas down to sub-pc scales in the nuclear regions of massive galaxies in a full cosmological setting.  I will highlight some of the lessons learned from these multi-scale simulation techniques, with important implications including black hole-galaxy scaling relations, AGN demographics and the nature of luminous quasars, the star formation-AGN connection, and galaxy quenching.  Looking forward, I will outline two opposite but complementary approaches under current development: the Interscale Galactic NucleI Simulations (IGNIS) to explicitly resolve black hole growth and feedback and significantly increase the predictive power of current models, and the Cosmology and Astrophysics with MachinE Learning Simulations (CAMELS) project containing thousands of cosmological volumes with feedback parameter variations to marginalize over uncertainties in baryonic effects and maximize the science return of next generation cosmological experiments.

The talk can be attended via the following zoom link

Meeting ID: 989 3300 6798
Passcode: w31c0m3