Astrolunch: Arianna di Cintio

Tue, 05/07/202212:30-13:30
Title: Simulating the low surface brightness universe:  state-of-the-art and future challenges

Abstract: Low surface brightness galaxies (LSBs) are extremely dark matter dominated, faint objects hardly distinguishable from the night sky. In the last decade it has became clear that large numbers of LSB galaxies exist, including the recently discovered Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies (UDGs), opening a new window on galaxy evolution and formation.
How do such diffuse galaxies form and evolve? How are they linked to their dark matter haloes, and how do they fit within the current cosmological model of galaxy formation?
I will review current results coming from state-of-the-art, sophisticated hydrodynamical cosmological simulations to try to answer these questions: insights on the formation of such elusive galaxies will be provided, as well as on our understanding of the role of baryonic feedback in galaxy formation.