Astrolunch: Andrea Possenti

Tue, 24/05/202212:30-13:30
Title: Exploiting globular cluster pulsars in astrophysics

Abstract: Pulsars and millisecond pulsars are highly magnetised and rapidly spinning neutron stars. Thanks to the clock-like nature of their pulsed radio emission, some of them can be used as unique probes for performing a variety of high value experiments. The scientific reward is especially high for the pulsars included in a globular cluster. On one hand in these stellar systems one can find exotic pulsar binaries, impossible to form in the galactic field. That leads to explore previously uncharted physical effects or to see in act physical and/or astrophysical processes that are very hard to be checked elsewhere. On the other hand, when multiple pulsars are detected in a specific cluster, that opens the possibility to constrain properties of that cluster which are otherwise very elusive to other kinds of observation.