Racah Retreat V

This year's Racah Retreat will take place at the Alpha Resort (Kibbutz Beit Alpha) on 8-9.3.20 (right before Purim - so get your costumes ready; we are aware of the issues concerning these dates but it was the best possible choice due to many constraints).
Alongside the scientific program we will enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Gilboa mountain, hiking the area.
Most importantly, Purim will be the guiding spirit of our festive retreat with an unforgettable Masquerade ball full of surprises. 

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DAY I (8.3) DAY II (9.3)
7:45 Departure from Givat-Ram** 8:00 Breakfast & Check-out
10:00-12:30 Trip to Park Hama'ayanot 09:30-13:00 Lectures II
12:30-13:30 Lunch 13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:15 Coffee & Check-in 14:00 Home (more Purim parties ..?)
15:15-18:00 Lectures I    
18:00-20:00 Dinner    
20:00 Masquerade Ball    

** Pick-up is available from Pa'atei Modi'in train station, Shoresh or Hemed interchange; please contact us at racahretreat2020@gmail.com to sign up.

The Details

Lectures Schedule

Lectures I (8.3)

Opening words
"The Three-Body Problem: from Newton to LIGO" - Nick Stone (40 min.)
"The White Noise I Call PR" - Noam Chai (30 min.)
In between Physics /+ Coffee Break (20 min.)
"The Workshop" - Rowe Akerman (20 min.)
"Non linear dynamics in single cells" - Nathalie Balaban (40 min.)


Lectures II (9.3)

"Factorization and Universality in Nuclear Physics" - Nir Barnea (40 min.)
In between Physics /+ Break (20 min.)
"Highly Efficient and Pure Single Photon Streams at Room-Temperature" - Hamza Abudayyeh (25 min.)
"Characterizing Chaos in Dynamical Systems: Lessons From Deep Learning" - Hagai Rappeport (40 min.)
In between Physics /+ Break (10 min.)
Poster Session (Judges: Nir Barnea and Hagai Eisenberg) & Kahoot (30 min.)
"Field theory of deep learning" - Zohar Ringel (40 min.)
Closing remarks

The Fine Details

Getting there: 

We want to leave Givat Ram at 7:45. Bear in mind that we will not be able to wait for latecomers, so be there on time! If you are interested in a pick up from Pa'atei Modi'in train station, Shoresh or Hemed interchange or if you are planning on getting there on your own - Let us know by responding to this email as soon as possible. 


We want to remind you that we will go out for a nice hike on the first day so please bring water, comfortable walking  shoes , a hat , and sunscreen.  Also, pay attention that we will eat only after the hike so bring your own breakfast.

Poster Session

On the second day we will have a prize-winning poster session. This is a final call for registration in the following link and.

Don't forget to bring your poster along with you (we will be accepting posters presented at the IPS that is taking place earlier)

Purim Party

We arranged a great evening for you but it won’t be amazing without your cooperation. Get your best physics costumes ready! During the evening we will have a prize-winning costume contest. The jury will look for creativity, originality, effort and of course, relevance  to physics! So get your costumes ready (Some inspiration here, here and here)


The traditional jam session will be held so bring your instruments and practice your favorite songs here 

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Room Assignment

The room assignment will be published soon...

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Alpha Resort 

In the Harod Valley, at the foot of Mount Gilboa, in the heart of water attractions and history, in Kibbutz Beit Alpha, lies Alpha Resort, a place of greenery and culture.

Resort WebsiteGoogle Maps 





** The breakfast will have a kashrut certificate from Tzohar organization (the remaining meals have regualr kashrut), if this is a problem please contact us.

Registration, Payment and Cancellation policy

Your participation in the retreat is funded mostly by your PI (If you have one) or by the Racah Institute of Physics. Costs of the hotel, transportation and other are set by the number of participants. Apart from that a Personal payment is required (Late registration from 16.1):
- Senior staff 100  (150) ILS
- Students, Administrative and Technical Staff 50  (100) ILS
- One-dayers 20 (40) ILS (** Due to several requests we have opened the option to join us for a single day, Sunday 8.3, busses will leave back to Jerusalem at ~19:00)
We encourage you to register as soon as possible!

There is a two step registration process:

  1. Fill the registration form - here.
  2. Pay the personal payment  - here (please pay using the PayBox App, that way, others would be able to see that you are attending the event. If you paid as a guest let us know. Feel free to contact us, if you have any trouble with the App.)

If for any reason you will want to cancel your registration:
- By February 1st - full refund and your PI won't be charged.
- After February 2nd - 30% refund and your PI won't be charged.​
- After February 16th - 10% refund and your PI will be 30% charged.
- After February 23rd - Don't even think about it (: - no refund and your PI will be charged!

* 3rd-year B.Sc. students are invited to come on the basis of rooms availability.
   If no rooms will be left for a 3rd-year student, the student will get a full refund.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at racahretreat2020@gmail.com or personally: