Congratulations to Prof. Tsvi Piran for winning the EMET prize

6 June, 2019
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The Racah Institute Congratulates Prof. Tsvi Piran for winning the EMET prize in Exact Sciences—Physics and Space. Tsvi is among a handful of internationally leading scholars in astrophysics, in areas ranging from gravitation, black holes and the structure of the universe. He has published more than 400 articles. He has made important contributions to the understanding of the theory of gamma-ray bursts, a subject on which he is the world’s foremost expert, as well numerical relativity, gravitational waves, and quantum gravity. Tsvi has received many accolades and he is the only astrophysicist who has merited two advanced ERC grants from the EU. He has also contributed greatly to the academic community. He has had a tremendous impact on a variety of subjects in theoretical physics through his organization of the Jerusalem Winter Schools and our Institute of Advanced Studies. Furthermore, Tsvi successfully served as Dean of our School of Business Administration.