Physics Colloquium : "Quantum computation and simulation with ultracold fermionic atoms"

Mon, 08/11/202112:00-13:30
Place: Levin building, Lecture Hall No. 8
Lecturer: Dr. Yoav Sagi, Associate Professor, Physics Department Room 302, Solid State Institute, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Ultracold atoms constitute a powerful resource for quantum technologies thanks to their unparalleled controllability. Degenerate Fermi gases, in particular, can be used to study fermionic models exhibiting strongly correlated phases and quantum collective phenomena. Efficient numerical simulation of these models is beyond the reach of classical computation but can be done with a quantum computer. Quantum computation can be either analog ("quantum simulation") or digital. In the former case, the system continuously evolves after carefully choosing the initial state and Hamiltonian of interest, while in the latter, the dynamics are simulated by a series of discrete quantum gates. In this colloquium, I will describe experiments we perform on these two fronts. In one experiment, we prepare a degenerate Fermi gas in a flat box-like potential and study pairing and superfluidity. We focus on the collective response of the gas to external periodic driving. In a second experiment, we trap single fermionic atoms in micro-optical traps ("optical tweezers") and aim to use them as qubits for quantum computation. Universal quantum gates can be implemented by harnessing the exchange interaction between atoms in adjacent tweezers.