HE Astrophysics seminar | Prof. Conny Aerts (KU Leuven)

Thu, 15/07/202113:00-14:00
Title: Asteroseismology: the stellar evolution revolution

Abstract: High-precision photometric monitoring by space telescopes offered us an efficient tool to detect  numerous oscillation modes in a wide variety of stars. In this talk, we hunt for 'good vibrations', in the sense that their observed properties allow us to derive how stars grow, age, and rotate. We first provide a basic introduction into asteroseismology for the non-expert. We discuss various types of oscillation modes and discuss their frequency ranges. We then move on to applications of space asteroseismology, focusing on results from 4-year Kepler light curves, gradually diving deeper into the stellar interior.  We treat high-precision sizing, weighing, and ageing of stars throughout the Milky Way, derive the internal rotation of stars and unravel deep internal mixing inside stars with a convective core. We end with a future outlook for this booming research field of astrophysics, thanks to the ongoing NASA TESS and future ESA PLATO space  missions.
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