Astrolunch: Siddhartha Gupta

Tue, 03/05/202217:00-18:00
Title:  Non-resonant Streaming Instability
Abstract: Streaming instabilities driven by energetic charged particles are crucial for understanding the self-confinement of these particles near the sources in astrophysical environments. Using kinetic plasma simulations, we investigate the non-resonant streaming instability driven by energetic protons, electrons, or a mixture of electrons and positrons, and the amplification of the magnetic field. We identify the conditions to drive the instability and characterise the linear and saturated stages. In this talk, I will discuss the current research activities on the non-resonant streaming stabilities and their role in understanding the phenomenology of astrophysical environments (e.g., shocks and around pulsar wind nebulae), and in laboratory experiments. 

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