Astrolunch: Barak Zackay

Sun, 08/12/2019 - 12:00 to 13:00

* Note the unusual timing
Title: Detecting Gravitational Waves Using the public LIGO-VIRGO data: Doubling the sample of Binary Black Hole Mergers
Abstract: The LIGO-VIRGO data presents a magnificent opportunity for exploring theuncharted territory of binary compact objects. We have developed an independent analysis pipeline for analyzing the publicLIGO-VIRGO data from the first two observing runs. We have developed several novel techniques, and revisited all the choicesessential for such an analysis. The resulting improvement (comparing to the LIGO-VIRGO official analysis)amounts to doubling the probed volume for binary black holes, and as a result,doubled the sample of detected events. Among the newly discovered events are: An event (GW170121) with substantial negative effective spin, An event (GW151216) with maximal effective spin, inconsistent with dynamicalformation. An event (GW170817A) with source frame total mass of about a hundred solarmasses, constraining the existence of any potential upper mass cutoffs. Last, I will mention also GWC170402, potentially a very interesting signal,showing solid signs for the expression of higher gravitational wave emissionmodes, for which we are still searching a full coherent GR solution.