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    The study of interstellar and intergalactic plasmas plays a central role in modern astrophysics, and can teach us much about the dynamical and radiative processes through which galaxies and stars form. Current UV and X-ray observations allow us to measure the abundance of many ionic species in diverse astrophysical systems. Detailed theoretical analysis is required to interpret the observations, and derive the physical parameters in the evolving gas. The derived physical properties have significant implications to various astrophysical theories, including the cosmological theory of structure- and galaxy-formation, and the star formation history in these galaxies.

    The projects I describe below include theoretical and numerical studies of interstellar and intergalactic plasmas. I use novel methods and tools to interpret UV and Xray observations. These models include the detailed time-evolution of diffuse astrophysical gases , and are more directly applicable observations than “standard” models. And indeed, as I describe below, the work is thus broad in application.